Boca Ciega Resort

Our home away retreat! Vacation rentals in Florida from owners!

Important info regarding taxes and Homeaway / VRBO / AIRBNB

If you renting your property through AIRBNB, they are sending your Tourist Tax share, 7% to Florida Department of Revenue and 6% to Pinellas County Tax Collectors, so you are ok with AIRBNB and your tax liability is taking care of.

If you are renting your property through HomeAway, VRBO or any of their parent companies, you need to act.
They are collecting some taxes for you, but not all!
They dropped our extra 13% tax that we added to our rental on their listing page, and now they are collecting 6% Tourist Tax and sending it to Pinellas County Tax Collectors. They do not take care of the Florida Department of Revenue 7% share.
That will have to come out of your pocket, and you need to report it as well.
All this results in that you are probably 7% low on your rates, if you haven’t touched them since they implemented the tax collecting process.

For more information, please contact HomeAway or VRBO or pinellas tax colloector or Florida department of revenue.

Good deal from FAST for Boca owners.

Any owner at Boca that signs up with FAST will get at least 10% discount. If you go for the bundle including all your appliancies, you will get a total of 25% discount.  Every visit, every workhour and most spareparts are free of charge when you have a contract with them.
They cover your AC, washer, dryer, dishwasher, micro, plumbing etc etc. 1 year contract for a 1BR unit is about $600 incl VAT.
The company is very serious and acts fast when you need them. They also do an annual check up on your system.
They can help you out 24/7!
To get more information or if you have any questions, please contact Sandy at FAST.

Phoine:(727) 877-1680

We got the Certificate of excellence on Tripadvisor for the 5th year in a row!

Good news!!!

Each year, TripAdvisor (the biggest travel community in the world) gives Certificate of Excellence awards to hotels, B&Bs and Private holiday rentals that show continued excellence in hospitality! The award is given to rentals not only with the best reviews but with the best owners, too.

I’m happy to announce that we got the Certificate of excellence on TripAdvisor for the 5th year in a row!
This is something we wouldn't get unless we cared about the property, unit, service and happy guests, so congrats to all!

A good reputation is great!
Keep asking your guests to write reviews, it will give us more rentals and increase the value of our units.
If someone is to rent or buy a unit at BCR, they will for sure check out TripAdvisor first… 😉


Donuts and coffee on Wednesday Jan 17th at 9:30 AM.

Check out the new exercise room at Boca Ciega and meet your neighbors.

Board members will be hosting a meet and greet in the new 1st floor exercise and media room on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 9:30 AM.
We will have donuts and coffee.


New feature on our homepage

Do you want to know whats being discussed and decided on the board meetings?
Check out the new tab with the minutes from the meetings on our homepage.
You will find it under "Board of directors/contact"  or by clicking on the link below.

Board meeting minutes

Redoing the board room into a multi-purpose and exercise room.

We are redoing the board room and trying to make better use of it.
The new design will accommodate a variety of uses.
The room would have a treadmill, training bike and possibly a cross trainer or a step-up machine for waterfront exercise.
It will host annual meetings for up to 36 people. It could be used for game nights and breakfast get-togethers that will seat 20 people.
There will also be an 8 foot table for serving.

Have a great Christmas!

Bundle Internet connection at BCR.

As you might have noticed, the HOA goes up by $20 starting Jan 2018.
The reason for this is the new internet connection with Spectrum that was decided through the vote before the annual board meeting.
Spectrum will start working on BCR March 1st, and have all individual connections done after a couple of weeks.
We will also get some additional TV channels with the new deal.:)
You don’t need to contact Spectrum or do anything at this point!
Your personal account will automatically end when they install the new connection in your unit.

If you have another internet provider, for example Verizon, we advise you to contact them for canceling your connection.

We will get back with more details when we have more information share.

Board of directors 2017

November 6, 2017

The annual board meeting has been held.
Lots of things were discussed and a new board of directors for 2018 was elected as follows.

 President Mary Melstrom
 Vice President/Webmaster
Daniel Agnhammar
 Treasurer Jim Sharkey
 Director Janos Bogdan
 Secretary Tom Gostick
 Resourec Property Management Kelley Cate

Landscape lighting

Good news 🙂

The palm trees by the pool are now having 10 decorative luxurious stainless steel up lights.
Its led lights so the running cost is close to nothing.  It’s also a low voltage system since it’s at the pool area, so there are no safety worries!
This will not only give Boca a better appearance when looking at the pool area, it will also give us some extra security.

Pool and hot tub is closed

Due to the storm the pool and hot tub is now closed and prepared for Irma.
The elevators will also be on a stand still for a while.
We hope we wont get hit too bad...

Be safe