Boca Ciega Resort

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Restaurants in the area

TiKanis is just across the bridge towards Madeira beach. You can probably see it from your balcony. They offer 28 craft beers on draft and their food is very good. Tikanis offers outstanding pizza, wings and pasta as well as salads, sandwiches etc. It is no coincidence they are #23 out of 602 restaurants on TripAdvisor that are in the area. The place is owned by an American New Yorker and a Greek woman, so you will find some real Greek dishes on the menu as well..
Show your rental contract, and you will get 10% off the entire check!

200 yards from Boca is  Cody’s Original Roadhouse. A really nice place with good food and greatatmosphere where you can wear just a t-shirt and shorts. Cody’s is the place that has received the highest ratings from our guests.

Of course there are plenty of other restaurants within a radius of 5-700 meters.


  • About 10 minutes walk from Boca, you will find Carabbas.
    They have good italian food with a high standard.


  • If you want to find out  what “meat heaven” is, you really have to visit Harold Seltzer’s Steakhouse!
    Their meat is hanged for 35 days until perfection!


  • Marios at Madeira beach is Italian food at its best!
    You will not find better italian food in Italy! Trust me, i have been there 6 times!
    Click this link to find out more, Mario´s i Madeira beach!
    The restaurant doesnt look much from the outside, but god, they know their food!
    To make sure, call to make a reservation before you go!


  • If you are up for a bit oif “fine dining” Salt Rock Grille in Indian Shores will make you satisfied. They have teir own fishing boat that brings the fish to the table. The cows & pigs are carefully selected and grilled open over oak fire. The view from the restaurant overlooks the intercostal waterway with dolohines and boats. There is no dress code, but i would leave my shorts at home.
  • About 2 miles from Boca ciega resort you will find Tyrone Square Mall, where there is a good foodcourt and lots of other restaurants with a good reputation.
  • Bonefish Grill. is one of the options at the mall for some good seafood and steaks!
  • Caddy’s on Treasure Island is worth a visit.

All the other major chains are also in place of course: Chic-a-lit, Taco Bell, KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, etc