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Private key lock box over the mail boxes

The Board has decided to allow owners to put a single safe key lock over the mail boxes.
If you would like to have one, please purchase one at Home Depot for about $31.00 in the store or order online for $20.00.
Click this link to buy one online or just to check which lock to buy.
We would like to keep all locks uniformed, so no other design or version is allowed.

The key safe box is to be mounted over your mail box.
If your mail box is in the lower row, your key safe will end up in the lower row of key safes.
If your mail box is in the upper row, your key safe will end up in the upper row of key safes.
Put your key safe in line above your mail box.

This is something you do not have to do, but if you think it is a good idea, then feel free to do it and mount one!

Tom Gostick or our maintenance person Willie Hunter will be pleased to mount them for you, if you decide to buy one. However, if you want one of them to mount it for you, you will have to provide them with following:
*Your condo key.
*A lock combination (4 digit code).
*4 Screws, 1 inch long.