First Floor Condos

Rental Opportunities

Get your next Florida vacation scheduled today! The vacation condos at Boca Ciega Resort are independently owned. For more information and availability, contact the owners below.

First Floor Condos

Unit NameBRPetsSmoking /
103Urszula & Daniel Iwaniuk1/Email
104Matt Tindell1/ Email
Website unit 104
105Virginia Vergara2/Email
Website unit 105
106Darrel & Jane EagleStudio/727-398-7048Website unit 106
106BTerri Brown1✔**314-795-7885Website unit 106B
107Fonyod 1LLC1 /727-452-5263
109Fonyod 1LLC1 /727-452-5263
110Mike & Sherrie Harrod1/731-445-2858
115Greg & Josephine Hillberg2 /603-721-6861
119Glenn & Maria Hoesle1 /267-246-9776Website unit 119

Before arranging your stay, please be sure to read the Rules and Regulations For Renters.

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