Second Floor Condos

Rental Opportunities

Get your next Florida vacation scheduled today! The vacation condos at Boca Ciega Resort are independently owned. For more information and availability, contact the owners below.

Second Floor Condos

UnitContactBRPetsSmoking /
201Us Artists Group, LLC / James1 /727-906-1635Website
203Fonyod 1LLC1 /727-452-5263
205Jan & Mitch Rosenberg1/813-230-7779Email
206Jim KingsburyStudio/502-230-7779
207Jim Kingsbury1/502-230-7779
211Mary Melstrom1/651-247-7428Website Unit 211
212Michael & Diane Stricker1/705-431-5433
213Dennis and Linda Evans1/330-294-8368Website unit 213
214Nils-Erik Ling1/+46-707-163-181Website unit 214
219Jackie Pierce1/678-778-6963Website unit 219

Before arranging your stay, please be sure to read the Rules and Regulations For Renters.

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